Protect your work by laminating them


Protect your work by laminating them Protection and security are two very important concepts, applied and required by any activity regardeless of its field.

Printing industry, is not an exceptional case, for if you want the best results and longlasting periods for your products, the finishing printing step should also include operations meant to protect the contents of your work.

And what could be more easier to protect everything, from kid’s keepsakes to business documents, than with a finishing printing machines, specialised in laminating.Wether is meant for home or business, a laminating machine is easy to use and gives the option for lasting, professional results.

First of all, it is only fair to clarify what laminating means as a process. Laminating is ,in fact, an auxiliary operation, that consists of covering prints and documents with a thin layer of protective plastic.

The process is executed by applying,using heat, a plastic film on both sides or only on one side of the document, making it ideal for heavily used documents or exposed to UV radiation or external factors.

Besides the protective role, it also plays an important aesthetic role,having the possibility to choose between glossy and matt lamination, documents laminated as such being offered a flawless look.

Document lamination offers them durability and special elegance. In terms of size, can be laminated documents in standard A4 and A3 or any less than A3 format.  Laminating, therefore, prolongs the life of your prints! It is strongly recommend  for all “outside”  works such as car decoration, panels or windows.

Second, lamination can be: standard by applying a film of 70/75 microns, for an average duration of life or “UV”: this is achieved by applying on the desired surface of a special film that is designed to protect the print against the action of sunlight.

Also it is worth mentioning that there are other services similar to lamination: ANTIGRAFITTI  lamination – achieved by applying on the desired area special foils to protect prints against vandalization, and applying SECURITY foil (burglary) – designed according to European regulations, for all public institutions, schools, kindergartens, shops. Window security film does not make your window indestructible,it only prevents the spread of fragments in a crash!

Last but not least, laminating prints can be done mechanically (with laminator) or manually. Of course using a laminating machine is much easier. It does not matter if it is personal use or bussiness, for your or your kids projects, or at the office for heavy-duty use, the usefulness of such an appliance is beyond doubt.

It is a must in keeping safe various small documents and paperwork (ID card, badge IDs, important documents, certificates) and even validating xeroxes and document copies.There are 2 main types, based on the type of spare parts. Laminators that have a roller mechanism or  those using a pouch system, where the object to be laminated, has to be placed in a pouch for the process to take place.

But it does not really matter which type you prefer, your solution is at hand on, the best place to look for such machines wether you look for the best laminating machine for home (usually the pouch) or for office use, (usually a heavy-duty), this being the one with roller mechanism.

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